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He yanked the pillow free with his other. For a moment, he did nothing-said nothing-but stare at me.

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" He kissed me and hugged me tight then tucked my head under his chin while he stroked my hair. "Thank you.

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Still, my legs swayed. Chris pulled on me until I stepped back, halting when my calves hit the edge of the bed.

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It took a moment to remember to breathe through my nose. But by then, he'd released me and I was leaning over his lap, gasping.

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" I gave him a smile and kissed him when he returned to me. "I have a proposition.

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Chris, may I come?" I mumbled at his neck before his lips covered mine. "I thought you'd never ask.

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"Professor Bradley taught oceanography my freshman year," he said, shifting his weight to his knees but keeping my legs trapped.

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That the truth was bearable.

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" He gave me a soft smile when he tilted his head back and looked up at me. "It was almost five years since I had been intimate with anyone when I met you, Holly.

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