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If I didn't get offered the promotion, did I want to stay at the gym and keep living month-to-month.

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" "I can't even begin to imagine the pressure. " "I had ideas about what I wanted to be.

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He shivered and moaned, his fingers lightly tangling in my hair.

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This place does an exceptional job of making me feel claustrophobic. I've learned to find ways to see myself through the commotion.

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It was uncomfortable and somewhat humiliating, but not painful. He always started with a quarter of an hour and increased it by five-minute intervals if I made noises-whining, heavy sighs, even giggling-or broke my position in any way.

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I'd wanted my mom more than anything at that moment.

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We'd done lessons on the differences between a blow job versus face fucking.

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" I choked back a cry when his hand disappeared and was replaced with his cock. My heart thudded in my chest each time he slid home.

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He brushed my hair off my face. "Feeling better?" "Absolutely.

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