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These are the principles we embraced when we created this site back in , and they've continued to be the driving forces behind it's success ever since. Both on the free preview site and in the members area, visitors to The ATK Galleria know they can trust it's name and that we deliver what we promise.

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His left hand played with my hair while his right lightly stroked my pussy through my jeans.

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Yes, I liked spanking and bondage, but I'd always cared more about my partner's wellbeing and feelings than stroking my ego. It was a bit of an oxymoron that as a Dom, I found myself willing to submit to whatever she needed to reach ultimate pleasure.

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Chris kissed my neck before he sat up. "Good girl.

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" His eyes narrowed, though he continued to smirk at me. "Do I have to worry about you having suppressed feelings of resentment toward your mother because she woke you too early each morning when you were growing up.

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When our lips were only an inch apart, I murmured, "Yes. I'm yours forever, Chris Berry.

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" When he leaned forward again, I raised my head.

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Before you did this?" "Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I had something pinpointed down.

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